Manage Your Email Inbox, and Get Your Workload Organized with Click N Talk Email Management Virtual Assistant!

Emails are a common mode of communication in almost every aspect of our lives, particularly in business. We receive a large number of emails every day. There are 3.9 billion active email users, and the average American worker receives up to 126 emails per day, according to statistics.

Most of the time, we get spam emails about random things we’ve recently viewed. These emails appear, pile up, and obscure the more important emails.

An Email Management virtual assistant is in charge of working with and monitoring your company’s email channels to ensure that your customers’ inquiries are catered to and answered. They also monitor and send important emails for your business, such as appointment schedules, invites, and other important emails that your company requires, to stakeholders. They prioritize emails based on their importance, urgency, to-do lists, agendas, or even reports.

Useful Skills of Click N Talk’s Email Management Virtual Assistants

Excellent Reading Comprehension and Effective Communication Skills

These two are the topmost skills an Email Management VA needs. Click N Talk Virtual Assistants are excellent in communication, and are able to comprehend the emails in order to provide the appropriate responses. Click N Talk Virtual Assistants read fast with comprehension, take notes about important details, and ask relevant questions to clarify and provide better assistance.

Aside from that, Click N Talk Email Management VAs understands the company’s processes and takes the business to their hearts. They can learn about the company and do the task requirements at a fast pace without the need to check company documentation all the time.

Exceptional Multitasking

No need to question Click N Talk Virtual Assistants’ multitasking skills. It’s part of every agent’s personality. They can hold multiple conversations, do research, and handle different types of customers in various situations.

Best in the English Language

Written or Verbal, Click N Talk Virtual Assistants are excellent in the English language. Not just with the grammar or right pronunciation, but also with delivering clear and concise messages that customers can comprehend.

How to hire my Click N Talk Email Management Virtual Assistant?

  1. Contact Us through any platform, and you will receive a call to confirm that you need a virtual assistant for Email Management.
  2. Join an interview with our agents and choose the one that fits your standards.

Why is Click N Talk the finest in this business?

  • Agents are all well-trained, experienced, and highly-skilled
  • Follows a professionally written script for contacting your prospects, at the same time, initiative to adapt to any situation
  • Integrates from various lead sources
  • Live interview with agents
  • Integrates from various lead sources
  • Data protection and quality control
  • Excellent work proficiency