How It Works

Discovery Call with the Marketing Team

Our marketing team will call to confirm if you need a virtual assistant, and have a discussion with the Chief Executive Officer and the Campaign Manager.

Choose your Agent

Have a meeting with the agents that fit your description. Conduct an interview, ask questions, and test their capabilities.

Train your Agent in your Way

Train your agents about the tasks you wanted them to do.

Define Agent Schedule

Set the time for your agent to work with you.

Track Progress in your Portal

Monitor your agent’s productivity via a portal to provide a transparent perspective of what they need to do.


Is this a contract service?
We do have weekly, biweekly, and monthly contracts! You may end anytime for as long as your contract has been used. Just email us if you would like to extend your contract with your VA.
Are you going to assign a VA for my account?
No, you will be choosing your Virtual Assistant for your account. Let us know the qualifications of what VA you would like to have. We will set an appointment for you to meet the potential virtual assistants for you. Your account, your choice of a virtual assistant!
Where are you based?
We are based in the Philippines.
Why Filipino Virtual Assistants?
There are hundreds of reasons why you should choose a Filipino as your virtual assistant, but Click N Talk will highlight three:Communication skills are extremely high since we have English as part of the constitutional language. This ensures that your instructions and expectations are well-understood, and all your calls would be handled perfectly.
Respect and Professionalism are the values that we lived for.
Cost-effective since the labor costs are cheap. You can have a high-quality virtual assistant at a low cost.

How to start?
You may sign up here and fill in the information. Our marketing team will reach out via call or email. We will have a meeting virtually to discuss what you need.
Why should you hire a full-time Virtual Assistant?
Virtual assistants are paid by the hour. Understandably, business owners believe that paying them less and only requiring them to work 20 hours per week is a much better option. You don’t want to pay someone a hundred dollars per month to check your social media or take calls all day. That is exhausting for you as the one who pays them, especially for the virtual assistant who performs the repetitive task.One reason you hire a Click N Talk Virtual Assistant is that they have skills that will benefit your business. That is also why you should hire them on a full-time basis. A person’s skills are not a fixed potential. They can obtain them through learning. You, as a wise business owner, invested in a virtual assistant who is willing to receive training from you. A win-win situation, isn’t it?

Because Click N Talk Virtual Assistants are already skilled, multitasking, highly trainable, and fast-learning agents, they can complete your tasks more quickly. Furthermore, they can spend the rest of their time learning new skills to assist you with your business. For example, if you hired a virtual assistant for cold-calling and discovered that they can complete the task in less than 40 hours, you can use the remaining time to keep them busy by scheduling training in graphic arts, editing, or content creation. They can learn them through YouTube tutorials, Google for more ideas, and up-skill. The additional skills not only benefit your virtual assistant, but they also apply to your business and increase your profits. The knowledge gained by your virtual assistant, as well as the skills they possess that will benefit your business, cannot be worth the money you paid for them.