In the huge world of real estate, juggling with managing your social media presence. One of the tasks is to post, design, and maintain listings. Contacts and follow-up lead. They are verifying buyers and sellers and setting appointments with them. Keep your calendar booked, up to date, and organized. Looking for and seeking property information such as location, features, and amenities. Responding to emails, chats, and phone calls. Click N Talk Virtual Assistants are all fluent in English and can handle cold calling, lead communication, and appointment setting.

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The medical industry is one of the most crucial and rapidly expanding industries in any country. It’s grueling to answer and follow up on phone calls and schedule appointments while also treating patients. A virtual assistant is similar to having a receptionist for your clinic. Click N Talk Virtual Assistants can set appointments, call your contacts, make appointment follow-up calls, and more. You may select one of our certified and skilled communicators to speak with your patients.



Things can get a little hectic if you own a growing commercial or residential cleaning services company. The efficient delivery of services is the key to success in the cleaning services industry. This entails meticulous planning, scheduling, inventory management, and managing other administrative tasks. These are just a few of the many tasks that you must work on as the owner of a cleaning services company. With Click N Talk, you can expand your cleaning services business. With the ability to download lead lists and upload unlimited leads, you can stay on top of your schedule, schedule appointments, and gain more clients. Click N Talk Virtual Assistants can certainly help you with that!

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Insurance gives assurance, they say. It is a rewarding and exciting industry that makes a difference in people’s lives. However, in order to reassure your customers, you must have someone who can process the desk work flawlessly. In a growing insurance company, you must also speak with more prospects. Hire a virtual assistant who can handle both tasks. Someone who can handle the paperwork and phone calls. Click and Talk can help you manage your back-office, administrative tasks, and data entry. Use our qualified and tested virtual assistants to greet potential new members. Find new customers, convert leads, and save time and money as you grow your insurance company.



The world of a start-up business is a tricky one. You must deal with fierce competition, high expectations, financial management, and gaining the trust of your customers. The tasks you have to keep track of your finances and process the paperwork you need for your business add up. To market your business, you must also keep your online presence active. If you, the owner, take on all of these responsibilities, it can be overwhelming. Delegate the tasks to a reliable virtual assistant and concentrate on the more important aspects of your business. Click N Talk provides administrative, technical, or creative assistance to your start-up business. Handles customers’ concerns and inquiries, wrangles tasks, handles scheduling, and inbox management.

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The mortgage industry is under relentless pressure, and its biggest challenges are incomplete record-keeping, inconsistent customer service, and inaccurate communication. Having someone you can rely on with this process is undoubtedly beneficial to your company. Click N Talk Virtual Assistants ensures that your meetings are well-managed and that your financials and reports are up to date. Have a live person speak with your mortgage clients and prospective mortgage holders. Click N Talk Virtual Assistants work hard every day to contact more prospects and close more sales.