Delegate your work to Click N Talk Real Estate Virtual Assistants!

We can all agree that Real Estate is massive. Regardless of how successful your field is, with many transactions per year, your career should not require you to work 60 hours per week. Assume you’ve already spent the entire day driving from property to property, talking to prospects, and closing deals. And when you get home, you have to open your desktop to organize your emails, reply to them one by one, respond to inquiries in your inbox in your social media accounts, integrate your leads into your system, call more leads, schedule appointments, and even edit pictures and contents for your business’s social media. Isn’t that a bit much for you?

Delegate these tasks to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Hire a Click N Talk Real Estate Virtual Assistant and you will have everything you need to complete these tasks and focus more on closing sales.

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant is a remote assistant who works on various real estate-related tasks as assigned by the realtor. Despite working virtually and working in distant locations, the number of working hours is just the same as yours. They are there to help you. Real Estate Virtual Assistants are being used by an increasing number of businesses worldwide. Hiring offshore workers makes sense in a competitive world. Not only are local employees expensive, but they frequently dislike being bogged down in administrative tasks. Your devoted Click N Talk Real Estate Virtual Assistant will handle time-consuming administrative tasks for your real estate business.

Click N Talk Real Estate Virtual Assistants are typically generalists who do not specialize in one area. They can do any tasks that you will delegate to them. It is their responsibility to manage and free up the valuable time of the individual they are assisting.

The tasks Click N Talk Real Estate Virtual Assistant can do

The following tasks are the area of expertise of every Click N Talk Real Estate Virtual Assistant. Delegate them to the trusted and experienced!


You acknowledge that marketing is an important part of your business, but it can also be a time-consuming process. Fortunately, Click N Talk Virtual Assistants can handle many of your marketing tasks as well as some of the heavy lifting, allowing you to concentrate on the activities that only you can do.

  • Creating data packets and presentations for the buyers
  • Sending out emails to your sphere of influence to build referrals
  • Designing graphics for digital and print assets
  • Writing and posting blogs
  • Research ideas for contents
  • Website updating and development
  • Email scheduling and automation
  • SEO marketing updates
  • Social media management, content creating, posting and raising brand awareness
  • Monitor marketing analytics


If managing projects, due dates, and other people’s work schedule isn’t your strong suit, hiring a Click N Talk Virtual Assistant to assist with day-to-day real estate processes can be extremely beneficial — especially if you hire one who is familiar with the real estate industry. We provide you with Real Estate Virtual Assistants who are highly skilled professionals, and proficient at their tasks.

  • Data Entry for MLS, CRM, reporting, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Presentations, syncing, and updates on listings
  • Gathering feedback from your customers, clients, and team members
  • Bookkeeping fundamentals, including I&E and P&L tracking
  • Create achievement and sales reports
  • Managing your documents such as contracts agreements, etc.
  • Plan services and showtimes (photographers, inspections, etc.)
  • Onboarding and recruiting new agents


Don’t underestimate Click N Talk Virtual Assistant’s abilities simply because they are virtual — you’d be astounded how many sales tasks a virtual assistant can assist you with. While some responsibilities may necessitate a higher level of English fluency, which is obviously not an issue with Click N Talk Real Estate Virtual Assistants, we can help you get a lot of the tedious stuff done.

  • Research buyer and seller leads
  • Update and manage your leads in the CRM with detailed notes
  • Cold calling and prospecting
  • Following up on the leads
  • Setting appointments
  • Regular and accurate updates to sellers

Administrative tasks

Of course, there are the standard virtual assistant tasks — responsibilities similar to those assigned to a secretary or personal assistant. Have you seen Tony Stark’s secretary, Pepper Potts? Yes, our agents can do your tasks and assist you diligently.

  • Respond to emails and manage your inbox
  • Set up appointments and meetings
  • Answering inbound calls like a receptionist
  • Taking down minutes of the meeting
  • Manage your schedule calendar
  • Personal tasks like sending holiday greetings cards, organizing personal events, etc.

How to hire my Click N Talk Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

  1. Contact Us through any platform, and you will receive a call to confirm that you need a virtual assistant to handle the nurturing of your leads.
  2. Join an interview with our agents and choose the one that fits your standards.

Why is Click N Talk the finest in this business?

  • Agents are all well-trained, experienced, and highly-skilled
  • Follows a professionally written script for contacting your prospects, at the same time, initiative to adapt to any situation
  • Integrates from various lead sources
  • Live interview with agents
  • Integrates from various lead sources
  • Data protection and quality control
  • Excellent work proficiency