Hire Your Virtual Administrative Assistant From Click N Talk!

Administrative tasks are responsibilities associated with the upkeep of an office environment. These responsibilities differ greatly from one workplace to the next, but they typically include tasks such as scheduling appointments, taking calls, welcoming visitors, and establishing structured file systems for the company. Administrative duties are performed by a variety of professionals, including workplace assistants, administrative assistants, executive assistants, clerks, and office managers.

The types of tasks Click N Talk virtual assistants can do for your business

Click N Talk Virtual Administrative Assistants can handle any work that applies in a remote setup. They may not be able to make you a coffee but can surely do any administrative tasks.

Your daily office tasks

You can delegate phone system management, emails, and calendar management to Click N Talk Virtual Administrative Assistants. We can do it all for you as long as it doesn’t have to be done on-site.

Planning and Travel Arrangements

Wanna travel outside the country in a few months? We can plan everything ahead for you, do the bookings, and make an itinerary of your travel. Need someone to follow up with your clients about the appointment? Click N Talk agents can do them for you! Our virtual assistants can keep track of your schedule. If you are spending too much time searching through your own calendars, a virtual administrative assistant can provide an instant boost in efficiency.

Manage your office remotely

Although your virtual administrative assistant cannot be present to set up the meeting room table, there are still numerous tasks in the office that can be handled remotely, such as record keeping, invoices, expense management, and payroll.

Taking calls on your behalf

Click N Talk Virtual Assistants can handle administrative duties, and can be your ears and voice when you’d prefer to be working on productive and distraction-free work, from answering inbound calls to putting calls and messages on your behalf.

Qualities of A Great Virtual Administrative Assistant

  • Great attention to detail
  • Excellent English skills both verbal and written
  • Organization skills are the finest
  • Anticipate what the organization needs and take initiative
  • Can work independent
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Can adapt to different situations and new tasks
  • Diligent with their work
  • Can manage stress and control emotions
  • Adept in technology

How to hire my Click N Talk Virtual Administrative Assistant?

  1. Contact Us through any platform, and you will receive a call to confirm that you need a virtual assistant to handle the nurturing of your leads.
  2. Join an interview with our agents and choose the one that fits your standards.

Why is Click N Talk the finest in this business?

  • Agents are all well-trained, experienced, and highly-skilled
  • Follows a professionally written script for contacting your prospects, at the same time, initiative to adapt to any situation
  • Integrates from various lead sources
  • Live interview with agents
  • Integrates from various lead sources
  • Data protection and quality control
  • Excellent work proficiency