Show the real you in your business Website with Click N Talk Website Assistants!

Have you encountered leads who asked for websites? It’s their way of checking how legitimate your business is. It’s also more convenient to browse everything online to get to know your business. This is why websites are important to your business!

Unlike the old times when we give them business cards, leads usually Google you instead of calling you. If they can’t see any website that will lead to your business, there would be a bad impression of your business.

But there are different challenges that you encounter. Commonly, business owners struggle with their websites because they’re not tech geeks, too busy with other business stuff, and lastly, they don’t have the eye for graphic and web designs.

The simplest solution you can do to this is to hire Click N Talk Virtual Website Assistant!

What do Virtual Website Assistants do to help my business?

  1. Website content creation
    The contents are what the customers see. How informative are they? Are they engaging or fun to read? The content of your website should show what your business is offering. What makes you different from your competitors? Your Virtual Website Assistant will let your website speak all of them for you.
  2. Schedule an appointment
    Lead generation also comes into the frame with the website. They visited because they are interested, therefore make them a good prospect for your business. With your virtual website assistant, they ensure that your website is running smoothly. They can integrate website fill-up forms into your calendar to schedule a meeting with you. Or have a log-in feature to generate the information of your leads.
  3. Customer service
    Through your Virtual Website Assistant, customers can reach out to you with their inquiries and concerns way faster and easier. It is important to make your customer feel satisfied with your services.
  4. Posting updates, news, and developments
    Giving updates about your business is a great way of nurturing your customers. With your Virtual Website Assistant, they can upload new blog posts, news about your recent achievements, or send out newsletters.

Improve your Graphics with Click N Talk Virtual Website Assistant!

If your website layout and graphics are sloppy, even the best content will lose its value! We ensure that your web design is appropriate for your target customers thanks to Click N Talk’s excellent graphic skills. The appearance of your website influences how visitors perceive your company. Is the design visually appealing? Is it in line with current fashion? Click N Talk Virtual Website Assistants are knowledgeable about website design, particularly CSS and HTML/XHTML.

The most crucial aspect of having a website. Is it accessible via mobile? Mobile-friendly websites are preferred by 74% of users. As new technology emerges, not everyone rushes to a computer store to look for your website. They only need to take their phones out of their pockets to be ready!

These features are available with Click N Talk Virtual Website Assistants. Not only should your website have good content, but it should also be mobile-friendly and visually appealing.

How to hire my Click N Talk Virtual Website Assistant?

  1. Contact Us through any platform, and you will receive a call to confirm that you need a virtual assistant to handle the nurturing of your leads.
  2. Join an interview with our agents and choose the one that fits your standards.

Why is Click N Talk the finest in this business?

  • Agents are all well-trained, experienced, and highly-skilled
  • Follows a professionally written script for contacting your prospects, at the same time, initiative to adapt to any situation
  • Integrates from various lead sources
  • Live interview with agents
  • Integrates from various lead sources
  • Data protection and quality control
  • Excellent work proficiency